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Expecting and preparing for the unexpected.

We recently connected with Amy Borman and have shared our conversation below.

Amy, appreciate you joining us today. Can you recount a story of an unexpected problem you’ve faced along the way?

One of my first projects I worked on as a ‘newbie’ interior designer was working on the home of a young professional. This was a doctor in his last year of residence, also known as my brother. I had several years of school and many years working with top designers in the field . . I had worked for THE Mary Douglas Drysdale, in Washington D.C. I was ready for the challenge.

I provided a space plan of where I would recommend the furnishings for this particular room and then selected and presented these items. Everything was going well. I knew my clients taste and made amazing suggestions ! Slam dunk!

Once everything was approved and ordered the day of delivery the installers could not get the pieces into the home. It was a home in a historic neighborhood with smaller entry ways and my brother is very tall and wanted deep sofas for his place. I panicked and ran to the site to come up with something . . the installers went to remove the door moldings to see if that would allow enough space for the pieces to fit.

I was in a complete PANIC about how these pieces were going to land into this room. The truth is the installers overlooked the back yard and eventually had to take the pieces in thru the back. They carried these pieces around the garden and pool area- but they saved the day.

I was so fixated on the overall look of the room and functionality I almost slipped up on how they would get them into the space. Well . . they do call it the ‘practice’ of interior design . . so at least I practiced on my brother’s home!

Mistakes happen and thinking outside the box can help. In this situation, it made me look at the whole scenario- to figure out the puzzle of making all the pieces work.

Amy, love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

I have been running a healthy interior design firm (on-and off) for the past several years. I have run residential design departments for local design firms here in Colorado but have found I really love the autonomy of working for myself.

I specialize in residential design, private residences. I enjoy the personal journey my clients take and love the collaboration to get them the best possible outcome for their home. I see the speed bumps in the road long before they arrive.The homes I design reflect my client’s personal taste. I have a strong commitment to personal service while being mindful of budget constraints.

During her career, Amy has been published in numerous newspapers and publications, received multiple industry awards, and been selected to participate in many Designer Showhouses. Most recently Amy was a design consultant for Rescue Renovation on the DIY (Do it Yourself) Television Network. Amy received a B.S in Interior Design from Eastern Michigan University, is NCIDQ certified, and a board member of American Society of Interior Design, ASID.

Is there a mission driving your creative journey?

My goal and mission on the journey is to create an individual experience for every client.

They may have never worked with an interior designer before and I have never worked with them. I love the challenge of knowing what people gravitate toward, their likes/ dislikes and what works for them. I love to hear about their lifestyle, family and how they ‘live’ in their homes. Homes are such a safe space for people, cozy and welcoming and helping them identify their style is my absolute favorite.

I am inspired by my clients and try diligently to have their homes speak of their personalities and taste.

What’s been the best source of new clients for you?

My best source of new clients has always been referrals. Referrals are the highest compliment I can receive. A happy client can not wait to refer you to their family and friends. It’s a beautiful sign of a job well done.

I have received some clients from social media that is always a ‘wonderful surprise’ they are usually eager for the transformation of their space to something spectacular.

Contact Info:

  • Website:

  • Instagram: amybormandesign

  • Facebook: Amy Borman Interior Design

  • Linkedin: Amy (Brodsky) Borman, ASID

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