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Process: List



We will connect via phone to discuss your project.

We will briefly discuss your likes and dislikes and overall goals. 

We will delve into details of how the space will be used and by whom.


We meet to see the space (or drawings of the new build) to understand your specific requirements, tastes, style, and budget. 

We want to learn about you & your family and how you live life.

This helps us create a unique space that is perfect for you and your needs. 


We present ideas and recommendations based on your specific requirements.

We collaborate with our extended team, such as contractors and tradespeople, if applicable.

We communicate extensively to keep you in the loop.

We make modifications as needed to ensure the very best result.


Upon your approval of the design plan, we order and procure materials, furnishings and accessories.

We complete the various layers to your project at this time.  Install tile, custom built-ins, millwork, lighting, and anything else we need prior to the installation of furniture.

We deliver and install furnishing and accessories.  Stylizing the space to completion.

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