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My official FIRST blog . . at the most pinnacle part of the year, a time when we are already wrapped up in an abundance of Family Time. (Lots of family time this year . . with a special 'shout out' to Covid for helping to boost THAT!) A nod to those most important to us . . Family. Family can extend from the main nucleus which whom we share our home to our treasured close friends.

I ENJOY working with people on their homes because I know how much pleasure THEY get from their home. Whether one is entertaining or recharging from work life . . your home is your sanctuary. I am a bit of a dreamer . . and I LOVE to make dreams come true. To those in your life that are most important to you . . . your home is your haven. That's ONE of the reasons I am passionate about design. What makes you tick? Leave me a DM . . . would love to know.




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